How to build an Overcast OSX app (using Fluid and Keyboard Maestro)

Overcast is my favourite podcast app. Thanks to Marco Arment for building such a great app.
I use the app everytime I commute by car.

The sad news is that Overcast has no OSX app.

Will you make a web/Mac/other app?

There’s a very basic web app today, and a Mac app might happen someday. I have no plans for other platforms — they’re just not for me.
Overcast FAQ

As you can read Overcast provides a web app to listen to your podcast online. But there is two problems with the fact it live in your browser:

  1. Sometime you close your browser and Overcast is gone.
  2. There’s no hotkeys to play/pause easily.

1. Turn Overcast webservice into an app

The first point is fixed by turning Overcast web service into an app with Fluid.

2. Create your own hotkeys

The second missing feature can be resolved by using Keyboard Maestro to provide some hotkeys for Overcast.

Simply create a macro triggered by the hot key of your choice. That macros have to execute an AppleScript to simulate a click on the different buttons.

Here’s the one to play/pause the podcast:

tell application "Overcast"
    do JavaScript "document.getElementById('playpausebutton').click()"
end tell

How to go back:

tell application "Overcast"
    do JavaScript "document.getElementById('seekbackbutton').click()"
end tell

And to go forward:

tell application "Overcast"
    do JavaScript "document.getElementById('seekforwardbutton').click()"
end tell

Download it

I have set a litlle Github repository where you can download those macros. Feel free to contribute.

Support Overcast

Overcast is a great app. Please support it.