Jam 205

Hexmix as a mixing powerhouse and Arbhar for atmospheric sounds

A new Jam ! It’s been a long time since I had recorded anything. Hope you like it.

As you can hear, the musical/party side was not the most important. It can be improved a lot. (note to myself: find another camera angle to not have my belly as the main protagonist.)

This Jam had two purposes:

  1. Test the new Befaco Hexmix system as my main mixing solution.
  2. Use the Instruo Arbhar to create a bed sound to fill the space and have some sort of safety net in the interludes.

I’m very happy with the result on the technical side. The Hexmix does a really good job. I love those temporary switches. And the PFL helps me to identify:

The Arbhar is used as an effect. I use the « Aux » to send sounds and create atmospheric background sound. It works very well. I only need a way to clear Arbhar’s buffer when I need. I can try different things like:

So, there is still a lot to improve and explore. That’s what’s great about Eurorack. Your system is always evolving.

Modules in my rack