The brand of the oldest piece of outdoor equipment I own. Because it's resistant and I love it.

Ten years ago, I bought a Karl trekking pants from Fjällräven. I never heard of this Swedish brand before but the pants were cool and the price OK.

Now I can say that this piece of equipment is awesome. It has gone through all my trekking and outdoor adventures with the family in the sun and in the snow.

A few days ago, the seams have come loose for the first time (they still have any holes). Of course, I will repair them. But I decided it was the signal to buy new trekking trousers and a winter jacket from Fjällräven. I went for the Vidda Pro Ventilated and the Greenland Winter Jacket.

As winter and cold weather are coming, it’s time to wax them. This is something I find relaxing et very efficient. The purpose of this is to enhance fabric’s wind and water resistance properties.

A red jacket with half of it waxed

I hope I will use them for the next 10 years.
I am confident because the material used the G-1000 is the most resistant fabric that I have been able to test.