Apps and services I like

Mail client: Hey (iOS, MacOS and Web)

I’m using Hey since the service was launched. It’s an opinionated approach on mail that suits me very well. The features I always use are

I use this app on all my devices. I have to say that I tend to prefer using the web app than the MacOS app.

Second brain / project manager: Workflowy & Tana (Web)

Everything is in my Worklowy. All my project at home and work. I can share content with no Workflowy user. I love this app. It’s my second brain.

Recently, I discovered Tana. It’s an outliner like Workflowy except you can automatically link content and bullets can be supertags.
I am still in the evaluation process.

Launcher: Raycast (MacOS)

This year, Raycast has replaced Alfred as my default launcher.

Automation: Keyboard Maestro (MacOS)

I use Keyboard Maestro to manage my all my text snippets, resize windows, to remind me to move if I am staring at a screen for too long.

You can found some of my my macros in this GitHub repository.

Writting notes: (iOS and MacOS)

This is where I write all the notes that are published on my website and then cross-post to Twitter (RIP). and Mastodon.

Password Manager: 1Password (iOS and MacOS)

1Password help our family to centralize our password and keep them safe.
I feel so bad when I see people managing 20 passwords in an Excel sheet and arguing that it’s enough security.

Calendar: Fantastical (iOS and MacOS)

This calendar helps me to manage my time for several years. I haven’t found a better one.

Podcast player: Overcast (iOS and Web)

My podcast player of choice. I use the web version when I am on a computer.

RSS reader: Reeder (iOS) and Feedbin (Web)

The best (Swiss made) RSS reader. It synchronizes with Feedbin. Feedbin is where I read RSS when I use a computer.

Photo editing: Darkroom (iOS and MacOS)

This is where I edit my pictures. It’s simple and has great filters.

Maps for hiking: Swisstopo (iOS)

We love hiking. And when we are exploring our country, we always use the Swisstopo app. Ease of use and functionalities for planning and recording tours as well as experiencing the landscape in panorama mode are some of the highlights of the app.

Travel: Mobile CFF

Another Swiss app. If you are living or visiting Switzerland and you want to use public transportation, it’s the one app you have to download.

The UX is really good, you can get information on timetable, buy tickets, information on changes, etc.
And Ii works with all transport companies.