Aiaiai Wireless+

I was a happy owner of two TMA-1. I used them at work when coding and at home for Djing. I broke both headbands due to having a big head. I was almost to the point to buy a third one but I tested the Bose QuietComfort 35. It was a revelation how wireless let you be free. I have never thought it would be such a massive change for me. I bought the Bose and go back to my trusted 20-year-old Senheiser HD-25 for DJing and now Berhinger DT770 Pro for music production simply because there’s no wireless solution for the studio.

Now Aiaiai come back with a system that let you be wireless on the go AND in the studio. I can totally see me buy one of these and don’t mess anymore with a short headphone cable that it can’t let you grab this vinyl over there at the end of the shelve. Plus with Aiaiai, the sound quality is there.

Wireless+ are the worlds first wireless headphones for music creation and serves as an extension to our modular TMA-2 headphone system. Freedom, versatility and continuity for the modern day creative process.