I love WorkFlowy. It’s truly a great tool. However, the task with the most friction is quickly creating a node when you’re not at your computer.
It would be fantastic to have a URL that allows creating a new item in a node. Something like[nodehash]/new.

How do you quickly add a new item?

Currently, I use the mobile app and with my “Inbox” bullet among my favorites, there’s a button that allows me to add content. But something even faster would be welcome.



@alienlebarge I use an iOS Shortcut. It's a single "Open URL" action. It opens the link to my INBOX. I add the icon of the Shortcut to the home screen and I can always go there to jot a quick note with two taps: one for the shortcut, the second one to type a new note.


@eumrz I used shortcut a few years ago. It reduces the action to a single click compared to the iOS App method. I need to implement this again. Thank you for reminding me of this technique.