Photo: 21 December 2020, 20:09

Befaco Crush Delay V3 in a case

Glitch sound is life. The Befaco Crush Delay v3 is a delay but from the Frankenstein family of delays: half a delay, half a … glitch machine.

Crush Delay v3 is a special Echo-Delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which is able to offer 400ms of clean delay and up to 2 seconds of dirty repetitions, having a special talent to generate noisy-glitch textures.

Sending records voices into it is pure joy. You can make them sound like they are in some kind of vortex going to the future (or past).

The build was a long story. The build was not difficult and I was pretty confident that it will work without any issue. The only trouble I got was that I inverted the resistor R12 and R17. I had misread the number on the PCB. But I was able to fix it.

At the end of the built, the VCAs were working but there was no “crushing” and no delays. I double-check and triple check and found nothing. I contact Befaco and they help me but I wasn’t able to find the problem.

Thanks to the [Happy Ending Kit]( Ending&results=31), I sent. The module to Befaco and They fix it. It was back two days later in my rack.