The Squid Salmple by @busycircuits is in my rack since the beginning of my modular journey. It was here to serve as drum module but rapidly discovered that it can be a lot more. I used it as an enveloppe generator when I had none of them, I recorded LFOs in it when I got none of them, it has been a kind of random trigger generator, etc.

I can’t recommend enough this module. You can do so much with it.
The Squid has improved with the years with some notables updates.

Yesterday the Axon-1 expander show off in my mailbox (after spending almost three weeks in Milano’s customs although he was sent from Signal Sound in Glasgow). This module is a great expansion to the Squid. It give you four more CVs to mangles and control your samples.

The week-end is sunny but I will spend some times in front of my rack.

The Axon-1 expander with four more CVs jacks
Axon-1 and Squid Salmple side by side and light up in the rack


I love my Squid too, I also got it mainly to use as a drum module but I mostly use it as a kind of looper these days, sometimes live, sometimes with some preparation like I demo in this video:

Nice video. I never used it as a looper. This is a thing I have to explore