Last ski week-end with friends at Les Diablerets was so cool !

from left to right, Cédric, Coralie, Céline and Laurent sitting on a chairlift
View towards Leysin from the Petit Chamossaire
Blurred photo of Céline, Coralie, Laurent and Cédric on the ski slopes
View towards Brettaye from Petit Chamossaire. The lake is covered with snow.
A chalet in the snowy mountain
A ski slope taken against the light.
Cédric in ski gear with the Diablerets massif in the background
A selfie of Cedric wearing a helmet and a ski mask. The phone is reflected in the green visor of the mask.
Yann, Christophe, Pierre-Yves, Vania, Natacha, Annick, Cédric and Céline pose in ski gear at the top of the slopes.
Snow-covered fir trees
Yann, Annick, Pierre-Yves, Vania, Natacha, Annick, Christophe, Cédric and Céline pose in their ski clothes on the piste. In the background we see the Brettaye train station and the lake covered with snow
Nine pairs of skis and a snowboard in a circle, taken from above.
View on the golf of Villars, the ski resort of Grillon and the Dents du Midi.
Clockwise from noon, the portraits taken from below of Steve, Annick, Pierre-Yves, Christophe, Cédric, Céline, Vania, Nathalie, Natacha and Yann.