Hi, I’m Cédric a swiss front end engineer based in Lausanne with a love for electronic music and hiking



  • This weekend, we fell in love with the escape game Challenge 27 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The decorations and immersion are the best among all the escape games we have been able to do. We highly recommend it.

  • Does anyone have good addresses for accommodation or hotels in Lisbon for 5 people? Also, what are your recommendations for must-do activities in Lisbon?

  • What AI-powered applications are you using?

    For me, I have been testing Raycast for two months. I have not yet taken the annual subscription. I am waiting to see if AI is really a plus, but I must say that so far I am quite impressed. The only thing missing is a mobile version for quick note taking and querying AI when on the go.