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Why when I do a simple Codepen to test/demonstrate simple concept, I can’t resist to change the system font to a better one ?
Is this what it is to be a typography addict?

When I need calm, “Saman” by Ólafur Arnalds is one of the songs I listen to very often. it is so beautiful and soothing. I love the mechanical sound of the keys.

There are three accessible ways to display numbers with thousand separators:

  1. use a dot: 79.460,90 £
  2. use a space: 22 450 CHF

Do not use an apostrophe. (aria-hidden and aria-label techniques do not work.)

Back home after a wonderful #finchconf conference in Edinburgh. Thank you to all the speakers for the invaluable advice and information they have given us. And thanks to the organizers @finchconf for putting together an event of this quality.
I hope to come back next time.

I’m the kind of person who have to be at the airport minimum 3hrs before.
And now, I’m waiting but I feel good.

Le spectacle de la Fête des Vignerons est absolument magnifique. Le seul bémol pour moi est qu’on ne comprend rien aux chants.

So, there’s a Swiss modular synth company ! CaviSynth is based in Geneva and they have some interesting modules

Finch Conference has a very nice line-up. And I visited Edinburgh only twice several years ago and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I will be back…

A bit sad when you get a new eurorack module and there’s no screws in the box