I am waiting for this for so long. It finally comes to an end.
Only one month until the release !!!



@darby3 I wish you as much fun as I had playing this game.

My oldest daughter started playing BOTW a few days ago. It feels good to be immersed again in the world of Hyrule when she asks me questions about puzzles. So I started playing it again with my profile just to walk around in this magical world and stumble upon some forgotten Koroks.


@alienlebarge It's been lots of fun. Somewhere along the line I went from "well maybe we'll do half the shrines" to "okay, I guess we're going for all of them." We're down to about 25 to go I think?

It's pretty wild thinking about my youngest son kind of growing up over the last few years of us playing the game. Kind of going from it just being like a cartoon or whatever he was watching to him getting more and more invested and interested in various parts of it. It's cool.