Operator a font for code

Hoefler & Co. released a new font called Operator.
Operator has a monospaced version called Operator Mono especially designed to be used in a code editor. For sure, it looks amazing.

What if, in addition to shedding the unwanted baggage of the typewriter, we also looked to the programming environment as a place where type could make a difference? Like many screen fonts before it, Operator could pay extra attention to the brackets and braces and punctuation marks more critical in code than in text. But if Operator took the unusual step of looking not only to serifs and sans serifs, but to script typefaces for inspiration, it could do a lot more. It could render the easily-confused I, l, and 1 far less ambiguous. It could help “color” syntax in a way that transcends the actual use of color, ensuring that different parts of a program are easier to identify.
&ndash Hoefler & Co

Operator Mono in Atom

I will be the first one to pay for having such a well-crafted font sitting in my editor. The problem is that Operator Mono for one computer cost $179!

I would have paid something around 20$ without a problem for a font that does not come out of my editor. Let’s hope that a license for developers will be available.

Meanwhile, it is possible to use it on Codepen. This allows at least to test it.