alienlebarge is creating bleeps and bloops that make you dance

A little bit of history

The first contact with electronic music dates from 1994. A year later, alienlebarge rotates industrial hardcore rhythms on turntables. Fan of harsh and abstract sounds, his collection count a good number of artists like Somatic Responses, Senical or Laura Grabb.

After passing through the vocal house of the Salsoul or Smokin ’Beats labels, he turns to more electro sounds. The discovery of Matthew Herbert’s work was a real revelation.

Today, alienlebarge music oscillates between minimal and electro. He cultivated a love for offbeat and disjointed rhythms. It mades it his trademark. You can especially hear Akufen, Ark or Modeselektor during his sets which have turned the dancefloors more than once.

During around 8 years, he stopped playing into club. And since 2019, alienlebarge started to build a live improvisation techno set using modular synthetisers.
They are used to live jam and improvise techno music. Sets are starts with a blank canvas, all patterns are blank and they are build and make evolving live and hopefully it will make people dance.

Latest jams

Past gigs

Some of the places where I have played:

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