I fucked up my social feed

How I flooded my Micro.blog, Twitter and Mastodon accounts and how I fix that.

Last week, I’ve updated my RSS and JSON feed. This had some consequences.


I use the POSSE content publishing model. It means that I write on my own site and then the content is cross-posted on my social account.

The central piece of all that is micro.blog. I give a JSON feed to Micro.blog and it cross-post elsewhere.

How it all happened

Last week, I’ve posted an article. It was my first since 2016!
But then, I realize that it wasn’t published on my social account. So, I fixed that.

A few minutes later, I get a tweet from @loriskumo saying there’s something strange with my Twitter account.

All my social accounts were flooded with old articles from my blog. More than 600 tweets of old stuff were posted.
Micro.blog had cross-post all the old articles that weren’t in my feeds. The result was that not only twitter was flooded but Mastondon and Micro.blog too.

Fix that mess


gocardigan is a free service that let you bulk delete tweets. You can filter with dates so it was easy to remove all that bunch of old links.


Luckily, I have my own Mastodon instance. The moderation menu helps me to delete all that mess. There is no filter option so you will go through some pages and clicks to delete everything.


This is in progress. For now, I haven’t find any way to bulk delete posts so I asked the help account.

The good part

I’ve unlocked 8 pins on micro.blog