Bastl Kompas

A really easy DIY eurorack kit and a great module to trigger drums

A few days ago, I built the Kompas module. This is my feedback.

Why this module

I own the Squid Salmple and love it. It’s a great sampler on which you can trigger eight samples simultanously. I was looking for a solution to easily create patterns for it in a live situation.

Past patch configuration

Channels 1 to 3

Until now, I was using Grids to trigger the first three channels of the Squid. They usually are kicks, snares and hats. Grids is great because, you only need to turn a knob to change your patterns.

Channel one was triggered by the Varigate 8+ too using a mult. It helps to get a “four on the floor” kick for a more technoïde rythme.

Channels 4 to 8

The rest of the channels were triggered by a Varigate 8+.
This solution was not ideal in a live situation. It’s pretty hard to create new pattern on the fly using Varigate’s sliders.

Actual patch configuration

Channel 1 to 3

Nothing has changed.

Channel 4 to 8

Now, I trigger channel four, five and six withe the Kompas. It works almost the same way as the Grids: With the turn of a knob, I can change the pattern for the corresponding channel.

Channel seven and eight can be triggered by anything else.

The build

I have not built a lot of modules. The first I built was the Radio Music and then two 4ms Passive Mult.

It was time for a new build. So I ordered a Kompas kit on Thonk.

The Kompas was a really easy build. There are no difficulties. You even get some welding wire which was much better than mine. The build took me approximately two hours.

Great job Bastl !


I am listing the problems to help you where I was stuck or so that you do not make the same mistakes as me.

The only issues I have encountered are the following:

Problem 1: Check the resistors !

The first one was my fault. I haven’t well measured the resistors and switched the 10K and 1M ones. I managed to get out of it and correct the problem. It was the first time that I had to desolder resistors. I have succeeded and for a total beginner’s point of view, I was quite proud.

Problem 2: Assembly guide wasn’t clear enough

When soldering the 10K and 100K resistors on the bottom parts, the assembly guide is not very clear which one goes where. I had to look at the schematics to figure out what was the right position for the 10K and 100K.

Here are the right positions:

Problem 3: Missing parts

The male headers were missing, so I have to order some. (And wait two days until I get them. It was looong.)
Check you have all the parts before starting the build.


The Kompas doesn’t generate so well crafted patterns like Grids. It’s more random.
For secondary rythmics stuff, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Each channel as a different pattern generator algorithm:

Each time you turn a channel’s knobs or feed some CV, the corresponding pattern is generated.

Final thought

Kompas is a great module and a easy build. After playing with it for some hours, it really feeds my needs.

And, I have a lot of fun !