How do I use the Squid Salmple ... and you ?

How I trigger and modulate the Squid Salmple module

Dear Squid Salmple owners, I’m a happy owner of this octopus too and wonder how you trigger it .

This module is a beast and I love it. I write this post to tell you how I use it and have feedback about how you use it.

How I use it (most of the time)

I’m mainly interested in how you trigger it but I will give you some information how I modulate it too.

Type of sample per channel

I tend to have a channel configuration like this:


Current workflow

Channels 1 to 3 are triggered with Grids.
Because I do techno stuff, channel 1 is also triggered by a Varigate 8+ to have a 4x4 beat. There’s simple a passive mult between the Grids and the Varigate 8+. One of the two sequencers is muted depending on the type of beats I want.

Channels 4 to 8 are triggered by the Varigate 8+. I edit them live during the performance.

Future workflow

I really like creating patterns by turning knobs like with Grids. It’s ultra fast and 99% of the time, it sounds good.
Varigate 8+ is not so good for improvising. I find this not being ideal. Mistakes are easily done by pressing the wrong button and it’s not so immediate.

After seeing Molten Modular video of the Bastl Kompas, I ordered one. I’m just waiting to receive and build it. It will add three more triggers at a low cost.

My idea is to trigger channels 1 to 3 with Grids (and Varigate for channel 1) and 4 to 6 with Kompas.
We will see how Grids and Kompas’s patterns will work together.


I tend to use the Voltage Block v/oct to modulate v/oct on channel 6, 7 and 8.

CV modulation

I have to dig more on that. The only thing I like to do now is modulating the rate and the speed of the kick drum.
I have not used cue position, for example. This is on my to-do list.

About you

Please, tell me what is your workflow with the Squid. I’m certainly not the only one interested.