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So, there’s a Swiss modular synth company ! CaviSynth is based in Geneva and they have some interesting modules

Finch Conference has a very nice line-up. And I visited Edinburgh only twice several years ago and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I will be back…

A bit sad when you get a new eurorack module and there’s no screws in the box

@mylarmelodies Do you have any dates in Switzerland? I would love to see you rocking the dance floor.

Quoi de mieux qu’une croûte au fromage par une météo pareille ?!

Happy to tweak the knobs of my first eurorack module that produce sound, the Basimilus Iteritas Alter.
This thing is a BEAST !

Now, I need a sequencer.

Does anyone have UX training to recommend ? This can range from a few days of classes to a CAS. The preferred region is western Switzerland and the language can be French or English.

I would like to add one (or more strings) to my bow.

After embracing POSSE publishing model, I’m asking myself if I need to keep my mastodon server.

This commitstrip made me laugh… sadly, because it’s so true. Today, website are full of Javascript. And I think a lot of it can be reduced or removed.

Feedbin is a great service and I love using it. One thing I miss, is the ability to follow Instagram user without using one of these Instagram-to-RSS services.

This is just a pen to help you to choose colors for your design. Fork it and tweak the custom properties.

And stop using HEX colors, HSL is so much easier.