New and first audio interface

How I choose my new audio interface

Finally, I get an audio interface. I am Djing since the late 90s and making music owning drum machines and synths for 15 years but I never feel the need for an audio interface. I have always been DAWless.

I want to learn how to record music and have projects that involved having a better recording solution.

My approach to find the right model


Here are things I was looking for:

The choice (Universal Audio Volt 276)

After watching and reading reviews, my choice was the Universal Audio Volt 276.

Universal Audio Volt 276 sitting on a desk

And there are big pluses to the requirements:

Next steps

I need to learn how to use this device for my projects. I am looking forward to it.

After some tests, the sound is very good. The compressor and the vintage mode do an incredible job.

How did I record before that


I recorded my production on my Tascam DR-40x and posted them as it is on the Internet.


The Roland Go:Mixer Pro is a great interface when you want to record directly on your phone. I am using it to record quick jam or snippets and post them on my Instagram or on Vimeo.

The micro-USB connection is bulky and the audio quality not top of the end but it does the job for recording music that will be listen on mobile phones most of the time.