Photo: 30 September 2020, 15:42

The following three modules are placed on a bed of patch cables: Eucidean Circles V3, Six Switches and Passive LPG
The Euclidean Cirlces V2 eurorack module in the dark. The LED lights are georgous.

The long-awaited Euclidean Circles V2 and the Passive LPG 1U by @intellijel have arrived.

The Euclidean Circles is on my list since the beginning of my modular journey. I’m a big fan of euclidean rythme. I discovered them on the excellent videos by @mylarmelodies and Quincas Moreira.
After some hours of jam with this module, I can say that it is a real joy to play with it live.
I can’t wait to pair it with EC Mute when it will be available. In the meantime Six Switches will be the partner in crime.

I have never used LPG. This is a new thing to discover. The first noises that pass through this module are very promising and sound more natural than with a classic VCA.